African Tapestry

Today Margaret Trowell’s ‘African Tapestry’ is on our daily book feature. Her book was published in 1956 by Faber& Faber in London.

Readers will enjoy Torwell’s Story of her life with her family in Africa. It has a special interest for students of African Art because she founded the Makerere College of Art. This school has produced the well known artists for example Gregory Maloba (sculptor) and Sam Ntiro (painter).
The school was started in 1937. Lectures were held at her house and by 1939 she had collected enough to hold an exhibition at the imperial art Institute in London. In her work she was fired by Kenneth Mulsay, who held an exhibition of the work of his Nigerian students in London. Next Mrs Trowell was successful in persuading the college to accept fulltime art students. In 1950 the Diploma of Fine Arts was instituted. The reason for her success does not lie only in the pleasure she has taken in African art, but in the efforts she has made to relate it to the social background from which it has emerged.


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