My African Journey

Today we’re starting our daily book – feature of one copy of our current inventory. We’ll give you a short abstract and if you’re interested in reading one of the books, feel free to visit us in the library. 🙂
From today on you can look forward to a daily book –feature!! Let yourself be surprised!

On the photo you can see our copy of “My African Journey” by Winston S. Churchill. We are proud to occupy one of the first editions published in 1908 in London by Hodder and Stoughton with sixty illustrations from photographs by the author and Lieutenant – Colonel Gordon Wilson, and three maps.

My African Journey, first published in 1908, documents Winston S. Churchill’s travels, the experience he made and the people he met. As Under Secretary of State for the Colonies in 1907, he visited Britain’s territories in East Africa. He enthuses about the natural beauty of Uganda. From there here continues his journey and goes on to explore Egypt and Sudan via the White Nile. The book is more than a travel report. Churchill turns his attention towards issues of government and development. He suggested that developing the railway system was the best way to improve the wealth of East Africa. His thoughts on government, settlement and race provide an intriguing insight into contemporary imperialism and African history. For both Churchill enthusiasts and those interested in the historical relationship between Britain and its colonies towards the end of the British Empire this book is a very interesting reading.